Hi 'all!  My name is Michelle  and I 'll just put it out there... I love my job!

I am a Native Tucsonan born and raised here.  After highschool, I chose to broaden my horizons and enlist in the military.  (Short funny story- a day before graduation from basic training, we were allowed to get one item from our personal bags for graduation.  Some girls got lipstick, some mascara.  Well what did I get?  My tweezers of course!  Thats gotta tell you somethin.) Ok back to who I am- After serving in the Army for a couple of years and being actively involved in the military community for multiple years post active duty, at the age of 27, I chose to go to school to become an esthetician.   

My motivation to become an Aesthetician started to form at the age of 15 when I received my first eyebrow wax.   The changes it made to my facial structure alone were moving in itself, let alone the confidence it gave me.  I excitedly chose to fulfill my dream of making others feel as beautiful and confident as I did (and still do) since my first waxing experience. After working in an upscale salon and spa and performing all types of esthetic services, I made the choice to bring my family back to Tucson, to be close to my family.

My love for body waxing has always been my focus professionally.  I think everyone has their niche' in life and waxing is mine. I believe it's a form of art.  After specializing in body waxing for women and men alike for the past 7 years, with the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I did it!  I took the leap and decided to open my own waxing studio- which has been my professional goal since i became a licensed esthetician.  

I understand the stresses in finding an esthetician that makes you feel comfortabe in trusting that your waxing will be done well and with the least amount of pain.  I completely understand the "awkawardness" and sensitivities of certain waxing services and do my best to minimize those feelings.  I take pride in my work and stand by it 100%.  I know anyone can wax, but not everyone waxes well.  So thats where my motto came to place since day one~




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